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People always ask me about radio as it was "back in the day," and who my inspirations, teachers, mentors and idols were. You're gonna find out this evening when I shine the spotlight on and pay tribute to, Douglas "Jocko" Henderson. Aside from Jocko's on-air performances, you'll hear his hit records as well. Along with "The Jock," we'll hear from Hal Jackson and Eddie O'Jay, also Charlie Greer, Stan Z. Burns and Alan Fredericks. There'll be songs by: Minnie Riperton, Jeffrey Osborne and L.T.D., the Isley Brothers, Fourteen Karat Soul, Frankie Karl & the Dreams, the Temptations, Brenda & the Tabulations and more. This is going to be a labor of love for me. If you remember radio when it was at it's best, you've got to be here for "Great Soul Performances" later this evening with "The Original Rapper," Douglas "Jocko" Henderson on RadioMaxMusic.Com.  

Great Soul Performances with Bobby Jay
May 22, 2017


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